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Service Provider

 Claim & control your online profile. 


 For  Life Time
  • Create your own listings
  • Create a health centre
  • Update your profile
  • Connect with prospective patients
  • Post Jobs

Professional Office

 Backoffice For Individual Practices 

$ 99.00

 /  1 month

In addition to what is offered under the free plan.

Individual Office gives you:

  • Access to create a backoffice profile
  • Manage you office's appointments
  • Advertise your practice
  • Create job & locum postings

Advanced Office

 Billing, Recruitment, and Backoffice 

$ 149.00

 /  1 month

Everything included in the professional plan, plus...

Fully Automated Office:

  • Online billing with low rates.
  • Recurring billing for block plans.
  • Private IM between patients or staff
  • Upload files to a secure environment.

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